January 19, 2021

  • •  A process for the production of lead (Pb) free tin (Sb) based solder for electronic applications.
  • •  Preparation of aluminium alum from the wastes of aluminium utensil industry.
  • •  Production of ceramic tiles from rock dust mixed with shailpy clay.
  • •  Development of cost effective and low temperature method for the production of ceramic tile from sitakunda shale (clay).
  • •  Preparation of Gem Stones/Precious Stone from different rocks and minerals.
  • •  Extraction of alumina from the coal fly ash of Barapukuria thermal Power Plant.
  • •  Preparation of silica- gel from rice husk ash.
  • •  Manufacture of welding electrodes utilizing indigenous raw material.
  • •  Environmentally sustainable method of preparation of feedstock for products of aluminum (and its alloy) from used beverage cans.
  • •  Preparation of copper sulphate Iron spent lime liquor.
  • •  Isolation of chromic acid from the ash of chrome shaving dust.
  • •  Production of aluminium sulphate from the ash of aluminium utensil industry.