January 18, 2021

গবেষণা ও উন্নয়ন প্রকল্প (সমাপ্ত)
  1.  Magnetic properties of the Brahmaputra River sand, Bangladesh.
  2.  Determination of coal mine drainage water quality, its effects on soil and environment and remedial measures.
  3.  Development of Aluminum based high strength light alloy.
  4.  Development of mineral processing method for separation of valuable heavy minerals and light mineral silica from river sand of our country (e.g. Padma, Someshori, Dhorla).
  5.  Preparation of silica-gel from the sands of Brahmaputra River.
  6.  Preparation of cryolite from the coal fly-ash of Barapukuria thermal Power Plant.
  7.  Soft template based synthesis of nano-porous Titanium dioxide for solar cell.
  8.  To develop the substitute of Bentonite from locally available clays.
  9.  Modernization of the medium-scale Metallurgical industries in the Bogra region.
  10.  Preparation of Titanium Oxide (Titania: TiO2) nano Powder.
  11.  Mineral Beneficiation from Ultramafic lamprophyres of Mithapukur, Rangpur District of Bangladesh.
  12.  Development of different types of welding materials.
  13.  Extraction of Alumina from coal fly ash of Barapukuria Thermal Power Plant.
  14.  Determination Geo-engineering properties and preparation of Gem Stones from Maddhapara Hard rocks.
  15.  Development of different types of welding materials (2nd phase).
  16.  Preparation of white carbon black from rice husk ash.
  17.  Preparation of organochromium syntan by using spent crome liquor.
  18.  Characterization of the Tertiary sediments of the Sitakunda Anticline, Chittagong Hill Tracts and its application in industry.
  19.  Recovery of quartz minerals from the sands of Brahmaputra river and its industrial application as glass sand.